Kelly Helsinger is a Minneapolis based artist focused on abstract expressionism. Her work strives to balance chaos and control using the full spectrum of color and intricate linework. She also explores the feminine identity in certain bodies of work with a more illustrative figurative style.

Kelly graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2013 with a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree focused on art, psychology, and creative writing. She has been selling her artwork professionally since 2010 and has been a full-time creator since 2016.

In 2014, Kelly started a blog under the name Messy Ever After, or MEA for short. And in 2016, Kelly used MEA as her artistic signature as she worked to define a creative identity separate from patriarchal surnames. MEA stands for embracing the internal mess that many artists feel. When creative urges pull us in every direction, MEA encourages you to explore it all until you find what truly resonates with your authentic self.

Messy Ever After took on a life of its own through social media and Kelly has shared most of her creative journey and her artistic processes on her blog, which has become a popular resource for creators across the world. This growth allowed Kelly to expand her career beyond just making and selling art. She has worked as a consultant for other creators since 2018 and teaches courses on social media and running an art business.

Kelly has partnered with numerous brands on influencer campaigns and licensed product lines. She has also served as a grant reviewer for the Central Minnesota Arts Board. Currently, she works within the Holland Arts community as a consultant and social media manager.

Contact Kelly:

To purchase artwork, please visit kellyhelsinger.shop

For commission inquiries, collaborations, or any other inquiry, please email Kelly.

Email: Kelly@kellyhelsinger.com

Instagram: @messyeverafter and @kellyhelsinger

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